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A blog that presents student viewpoints about internet censorship at school. A student blog that debates animal rights. A student blog about video games and violence in teens and children.
Students blog about the plight of endangered species. Cell phones, tool or toy?  Students blog about their use in the classroom. Should recycling be mandatory?  Students share their views in this blog.
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Writing Power!

East Middle School sixth graders are AMAZING writers!  During the month of January, Mrs. Doss’ and Mr. Smith’s Literacy classes teamed up with me (your humble librarian) to research controversial topics and write persuasive blog posts.  We have some star writers who are looking for feedback and comments on their posts, so please take a moment and click on a blog header above or go to the Blogs O’ Persuasion Wiki page and leave comments for our wonderful writers.

Why Blogs?

A blog lets writers express themselves and create content in ways that only a digital space makes possible. Blogging gives authors a platform where they can link to ideas, participate in conversations about their passions and interests and speak to a global audience .  On the ClustrMaps below, you can see all the visitors we’ve had to the Blogs O’ Persuasion from around the world in just the past two weeks!  We’ve also had some great comments from some of our visitors.  It is rewarding to know that other folks appreciate and respond to our hard work.

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