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Students in Mr. Warner's class sharing lab data

 Can it really be almost October?  Wow, this school year has started off with a bang!  One of the coolest things to happen this year has been the Google Apps for Education pilot in the 8th grade.  We are excited to offer Google Apps as it represents an important step towards developing a 21st century approach to teaching and learning.
What are the benefits of Google Apps and what’s included?

  • Anytime, anywhere access – Google Apps works in any browser on any computer, which means you can access your email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.
  • No flash drives required with documents and files stored in Google Docs.
  • Students can easily collaborate with students from other classes, buildings, schools, districts or even different countries, working together on group projects.
  • Teachers can be involved throughout the whole assignment process providing comments and feedback directly in the documents.
  • Students can develop an e-portfolio of work throughout their years at the school.
  • Through websites, calendars, and email, parents can stay informed about the latest assignments and activities.

So far this year, we have found some great ways to use Google Apps in class.  Students in Mr. Warner’s Science classes used a Google Docs spreadsheet to share data from their Motion and Forces lab.  In American History, students collaborated in Google presentations to create a slideshow illustrating the goals for the United States put forth in the preamble of the United States Constitution.  Mr. Mason has been using the chat function in Google Apps to provide answers to student questions as they are working on their writing in Engish Language Arts.  I’m sure we will see even more amazing ways to use Google Power in the future!




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